Framed retains your users.

Others explain your past. Framed predicts your future. Making your users happy before they leave has never been easier. Framed Data knows how your users behave and warns you when they're about to leave.

Painless data uploading

Framed can ingest your data from a myriad of sources. And if we can't, our data integration team can custom configure your data.

Identify retention triggers

Our automated predictive analytics platform runs a batter of machine learning models on your data to predict future user behavior.

High value, high impact reports

Which users are going to leave you this week? Framed informs your team of user pain before corrective action is needed.

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"Great product, great people, great vision. Thanks Framed Data for shining more light into the potential of data."

"I feel like I just looked at the future. Never lose another user. Framed Data is obliterating churn. What's not to like?"

 - Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of

 - Rafael Balbi, Lead Product Manager at Maker's Row

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